Unix Frequently Asked Questions

Unix FAQs

        Answers to general and system-specific Unix FAQs.


        The general Unix FAQ.

System specific

        There are a number of system-specific FAQ lists, including AIX, DEC Ultrix, HP-UX, Linux (and a separate m68k Linux document), UnixWare, and several Solaris-related FAQ lists: SunOS 4 and earlier, Solaris 2 and later and Solaris 2 on the x86.


        There are FAQ lists for Unix programming in general, Secure Unix Programming, and a list of principles for writing The Well-Tempered Unix Application.


        There is an FAQ list for general Unix Shell FAQs and a list for FAQs about shell differences. Additionally, we have a list for Bash FAQs and the classic document on why csh programming is considered harmful.